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        Market Reports: Industry

        Industrial goods are products that serve industrial needs, such as raw materials, auxiliary materials, semi-finished products, plants, machinery, equipment, and component parts. They are used in the production of further products. This distinguishes them from consumer goods, which contribute directly to satisfying the consumers’ needs.


        Industry Analyses on Diverse Industrial Goods

        Many of the industrial goods analyzed by Ceresana are utilized in the construction industry. Besides plastics, insulation material, and paints and coatings, products like windows & and doors as well as plastic pipes also belong to this category. If you are interested in industrial goods used in the automotive industry, market reports such as automotive coatings and automotive plastics are available.


        Always Find the Market Study You Need!

        Our market studies on industrial goods provide you with reliable product and market forecasts and shed light on industry trends, opportunities, and risks. Besides up-to-date information, our industry analyses also include data on development of revenues, capacities, and demand as well as on the most important manufacturers.

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