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        Ordering Information

        You can order our market studies as follows:

        by fax: +49 7531 94293 27 (order-pdf
        by e-mail: order@ceresana.com

        or simply use this form:

        Preferred payment type is wire transfer. But if you choose payment by credit card, please send us the card number & expiration date. After receipt of order, we will immediately send you the invoice.

        Corporate License: PDF file (printable & extractable) for all sites: €7,900
        Premium License
        : PDF file (printable & extractable) for one site: €5,100
        Basic License: PDF file (non-printable & non-extractable) for one user: €3,500

        All data in Excel (available only with Corporate or Premium License): €750

        Customers from Germany plus 19% VAT.
        Hardcopy or single chapters available on request.

        By clicking on the “order study” button, you declare that you read our general terms and conditions as well as our data protection policy and accept their content.

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